My Love Light

I was like a child, i don’t know what i am wanting for the future.

My motivation, my spirit to life in this world is almost nothing, i really want to die at that time.

Fortunately i met you, you always disturb me every time i met you, you just kick me just like a child who need an attention.

Sometimes i see you at the back of the group’s line alone, holding the group’s name.

Poor you, i offer my help to take in charge about your job, but you reject it.

The others day i try to offering my help again, and you said ” okay thank you”.

I know you were lonely, after that moment you always talk to me smile to me just like i know you for a long time.

Everyday we always together, in the morning i wait for your coming to go to class together, and wait in front of your class to get break together.
The best thing is you ask me to jogging in Sunday morning and we going back to dorm at 10.30.

That’s was my first time i can talk to you personally i tell you everything that you want to know.

I miss everything in that day, we are so close each other

People around us think we are a couple, actually that’s make me happy.

But it is not the truth, the truth is you already got boyfriend, and my ex-girlfriend still pursuing me.

Since we know the truth of our relationship with somebody else, you always try to avoid everything with me.

It is making me really hopeless, i hope you know about my feeling to you.

Thank you for being my friend. Really glad to meet you.